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Behance Portfolio Review Lviv #2

We invite you to our 2nd in the history meeting of graphic designers to discuss portfolio of each other. Meeting will be held on November 1, 2012 at 6 pm. at night club Moloko.

Very grateful for your presence! The meeting was very successful!  

Thank you all who were present at the Behance Portfolio Review #2! The meeting was successful, reigned creative and positive atmosphere. The event was attended by over 90 people. Thank participants who advocated with their portfolio: Анфисе Хлеб, Олені Трофименко, Володимиру Блажівському, Степану Ласці, Богдані Ярмолюк, Тетяні Шумчак and participants who made presentations: Євгену Рудому, Татариній Аастасії та Віталію Кириліву! Special thanks to night club "Moloko" for hospitality and photographer Елене Шаповаловой (Vitaminka) for such good quality pictures! Photos browse through these links: 


Behance Portfolio Review Lviv 2

Voronin Design Studio sincerely invites you to visit our 2nd meeting in the history of Lviv Behance Portfolio Review #2which is held under the auspices of the world-famous site, which provides a portfolio of designers with different destinations all over the world

Meeting will be held on November 1, at night club Moloko which is located at 16-18 Svobody Ave. Start at 6pm. Detailed program will be announced a little bit later. During the meeting will be present media representatives and business – elite of Lviv environment. 

 Behance Portfolio Review Lviv 2Behance Portfolio Review Lviv 2

Regulation of event:

17.45 Introduction. Familiarity.

Portfolio Review:

Graphic design 
18.15Анфиса  Хлеб - Graphic design 
Interior design
18.30 Олена Трофименко - Interior design
Web Designer
18.45 Володимир Блажівський - UX/UI & Web Designer
19.00 Степан Ласка - Brand Identity Designer
Graphic design
19.15 Богдана Ярмолюк - Graphic design
Graphic design
19.30 Тетяна Шумчак - Graphic design
19.45 Євген Рудий/Designer - (Дизайнер студії Keepa) Тема: "Небезпечний потяг"
20.00 Татаріна Анастасія/Designer - (Дизайнер "Дизайн студії М. Вороніна") Тема: "Фрілансери та менеджмент часу"
20.15 Юрій та Віталік Кириліви/Designer - (Співвласники - дизайнери "Дизайн бюро Хочу Раю") Тема: "Я концепція"
Art director
20.30 Воронін Микола/Art director - (Засновник та Арт-директор "Дизайн студії Миколи Вороніна")
Work Shops&Speakers:
Micro workshop
21.00 - 21.45
Behance Portfolio Review Lviv 2Behance Portfolio Review Lviv 2

We invite designers to present their own works and everybody who would like to try to share their experience, or people who have an interesting topic for a report and  is ready to speak to an audience of people. As regards those who wants to present your company, you can do it agreed with us.

Official links to our meeting:

  Behance Portfolio Review Lviv 2

A more detailed review about Behance Portfolio Review you can find out under this link:

Behance Portfolio Review Lviv 2

Our common acquaintances, cofounders of Behance, Scott & Matias, recorded a video to wish all of us  successful Portfolio Reviews:

Welcome to Portfolio Review Week - November 2012 from Behance Portfolio Reviews on Vimeo.



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