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Big changes in near future is coming!

Big changes in near future is coming!
    Now is the time when we already boiling and we would like to share news and announce their plans for the near future.

    Quite a long time we have not updated our site did not tell how our things are and have not shared our rewarding experience. All this because a lot of work and such correct and nice things as updating port-folio of photographs from the process of writing interesting articles were postponed for later. The works have not diminished, but it is a time when we already boiling and we would like to share news and announce their plans for the near future.

    Video of our studio

    With great pleasure we want to share with you our video. Its goal to talk about the studio, its services and work process - to you, the potential of our customers, to appreciate, as we do, and you, dear designers and developers hope will also be interesting to find out how we create products for our customers and see a little "back-Stage". Enjoy it.


    New website in Summer

    Doing a variety of modern adaptive web sites for our customers, we began to notice that we can do better our site. In addition, the main activity of our studio has somewhat changed direction vector in UX Design and development of E-commerce solutions. Therefore we enthusiastically want to announce the release of a new studio site. In it we improve representation port folio will update the lists of services and append practical advice and share experiences that will be useful to customers and designers. Also We can only add more material to the "back-Stage" for you to deeper and better understand the process of our work - how and why what we do.

    We also plan to launch a series of training videos. But this is very much in the plans. And we will be very important to hear your opinion as to what you would like to see these videos on our new site.


    Cooperation with the Department of Graphic Design "Lviv National Academy of Arts"

    We recently held negotiations with the head of the department of Graphic Design at "Lviv National Academy of Arts" and previously agreed on cooperation in the area of practical training and internships for students in the studio, and that our art director Nick Voronin held a number of guest lectures for students of graphic design.

    We believe that such cooperation will bring fruitful fruits for students who will be able to try the real working conditions in the studio and the studio itself in the selection of new personnel and fresh views. We also consider the possibility of practical advice to help in shaping the curriculum for students and practical part. More details soon.


    We are looking for new talent to our team

    With great joy we want to share with the news that we are expanding! Accordingly, are looking for new new players to our  team. Looking for just three talents.

    • Graphic designer (logos, corporate identity, packaging)
    • Project Manager (Design and web development)
    • Sales Manager (finding new customers)

    Details for each vacancy can be read in the relevant publication - "We are looking for new talents to our team of graphic and web design Studio" (we created separate for convenience). Generally speaking, if you are a specialist of the business or talent in infancy, like good work, acquire new victories and get a decent salary - You have to. Please write to us at our email. box with a theme relevant vacancies. Thank you and follow the announcements.