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Redesign and launching a new website in 2014

With time and the number of projects we have become better and more experienced, our work reached a new level. All these things required a change in our studio site.

The history of our site and presentation of works looked exactly as in the saying of "chobitnyka without boots." There have always been projects that are more important and plans for developing the site were removed down the priority to commercial orders. After each new order we promised ourselves that we will do finally fill in our site. 

Why to redesing web site?

At one point, we realized that there are no calls from the site though earlier we did get up to 30% orders. And those potential customers who called did not fit the level of demand or price for the project. Also some comments from regular customers to update online portfolio sent us significant signals. 

Embarrassing moment also was that we could not demonstrate our opportunities and approach to work without direct interview.


The lack of quality actual portfolio on website leads to:

  • A much smaller number of calls from potential customers;
  • The customer is not able to learn about your services direct to the interview. Less chance for your hiring;
  • You waste your precious time for repeating the same things from presentation to presentation. While it may be given more time for discussing customer problems, not for your presentation;
  • You can not take seriously because of the lack of "cool" works in portfolio;
  • Portfolio - is the face of the studio. Draw parallels with women ;).

It became immediately clear that we are losing many potential customers and interesting projects. What it is not good in all points of view.

Further actions

It is a fact that portfolio needs to be updated. Under the question became whether the old site will fully satisfy the requirements put on him: to demonstrate "that we can" and "what we can."

In this situation, we decided to go for us trodden path. We imagined ourselves "customers" (sometimes very helpful;)), and then followed the following steps:


Step 1: Desired results?

To understand what we want is very important. Because wrong task can't be realized well or even at all.

We have set the following task : convince a potential customer that the order is necessary just with us. To do this, we need to tell him "who we are", "what we do", "how we do it" and provide an opportunity to order our services.

Step 2: To analyze foundation

After analyzing our existing site, we came to the conclusion that he has two strengths: the presence of the good old work, working contact form. And many weak: no new work in the studio, fixed layout (not responsive design), old logo and graphic style site, portfolio structure does not meet the current profile of the studio - changed priorities.

Step 3: Comparison with competitors

In comparison with competitors we used the classical scheme 3 +2. Three competitors in thy price range, one of the highest and one of nyschoho. More details about this scheme and compare its features promise to tell in the following website.

Step 4: Terms and budgets

No limit in perfection - this should always be remembered, and "best enemy of the good." Would we activate as soon as possible so as not to interfere much commercial contracts, as well as not to stretch the release site for a long time and postpone it indefinitely.

The list of required minimum functionality has been identified and plans for version 2.0. So began developing.

Step 5: Realization

Realization we started from the structure of the site (made ​​in Google docs) and its content of texts or descriptions required options.

Stage of design information was omitted due to the fact that we are at the stage of analysis has clearly imagined that section as will function and what to focus mental visitor.

Next stage is sketching pencil on paper and draw the design directly into the editor. Started from the main, the next step "unit portfolio" - in my opinion, the most important page of the site after the main. And then the rest of the static pages.

The next step was a layout design layouts. We use HTML5 and CSS3 in our works, so the site contains "Parallax" and "tranzysheny." :)

Results and conclusions

The result of teamwork of studio of regular customers (thanks for QA and focus group guys;) It was very interesting to see how you have used the site and what we pay attention). This really was the most common: web designers - created view this site programmers verstaly layouts and debug content management system, graphic designers preparing materials for a portfolio, and then with written texts in sections and oformlyuvaly work in the portfolio.

All these incredible efforts and spent a lot of time to ensure that you, potential customers were able to get acquainted with our principles and performance, and we, in turn, can thank our loyal customers for their trust that creates its face only the best works.