Task Come up with a name, a logo, corporate identity and online store.


To build the image of the logo we used bright images of modern toys, plastic geometric idea of Transformers and square faces Rubik's Cube.

Logo idea

Short name (acronym) based on geometric primitives and supplemented with details so that the arrow is formed on counter space symbolizes progress. Because children and teenagers learn and develop playing!




Corporate identity

Various versions of the logo, corporate colors, patterns and all For Commercial production is described in detail in the manual (brendbook) on corporate identity.


Online store of company

For a good product need a good online store. The studio was designed online store with concise interface and easy baskets for order and delivery. And the site has an adaptive design and layout (Responsive Design), that allows convenient use with mobile and tablets.


G3K — it is young and focused team that strives to make Ukrainian children developing spiritually and intellectually. That is why they are the first in Ukraine have concluded an exclusive contract for the importation and sale of the world famous toy Rubik's Cube. Invented in 1974 by the Hungarian engineer this puzzle still remains a top seller in the world.


  Guidance on the use of corporate identity

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