Task To develop a logo and corporate identity for internet consulting company.


The inspiration for the character images were digital imaging technology combined with modern guise tough job and mysticism SEO manipulation.

The idea of a symbol

As a result of careful selection stopped at the most basic things: Loupe - a symbol of the search and the letter "O" with the name of the secondary meaning "circle search" and their reduction shows us the process of optimizing search.

Ідея для логотипу Олеолео


Company logo consists of a a symbol, built on mathematical proportions and caption font in which each letter is written manually designer studio.



Corporate identity

All elements of corporate identity - logo and version, colors, fonts, and business documents - described in brief tutorial on the use of corporate identity.







In the market of online agencies, new managers & mdash; This is not sales managers or managers with project management or content managers, each of which operates in its niche. This is actually managing the project to increase the sales of the client. This manager is really versed in SEO and usability a little programming, many contextual advertising, a little more in SMM, in managing reputation online and even in some ways.


In the presentation you can see the concepts that are presented studio customer.  Presentation for the customer

See the manual on the use of corporate identity (brand book) for Oleoleo  Guidance on the use of corporate identity

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