Task To Modify logo, develop appropriate corporate identity and promotional products.


Paving (cobbles), contains the beauty and geometry lines.



The modification of the logo included the revision of letters in the inscription on maintaining a balance between the letters and the symbol and light discoloration.


Corporate identity

All the elements of corporate identity - logo and version, colors, fonts, and business documents - described in brief tutorial on the use of corporate identity.

Promotional booklet

In the promotional booklet you can familiarize with the history of the company, the services it provides, and most importantly - with a full range of products and their specifications 

Promotional billboard 3x6

Image billboard, which is based on the idea where children are as a symbol of the future life easily run on the road sub reliable tile Rusyn-O.



The studio also developed website «Rusyn-O».



Main activity is the manufacture and sale of vibropressed concrete products, provision of landscaping.

In our work we use modern equipment and high quality materials. Progressive production methods and high qualification of our employees allow to achieve the highest performance of all types of enterprise. Compliance with our high standards of reliability, durability, longevity and aesthetics proved valid certificate of conformity.

We will be glad to see your work in this list. welcome on cup of coffee and talk about future projects

After reviewing pretty pictures — read our methodology :)