Task To develop a logo and corporate style appropriate to the scale and quality of their products and services.


Wanting to make your home more comfortable, reliable and safe, each host selects a quality product to repair the house. This approach is the most intelligent and quite live up to expectations. Because quality - above all, long-term use.


The idea of a symbol

The form of the symbol is honeycomb which symbolizes structure construction. In the middle of a conventionalized image of the letter "B" - is the first letter in the name of the company.


Logo consists of a stylized font and symbol composition (firm). During the time we built a logo for "Valko" we used mathematical calculations compositional grid.




Corporate identity

All the elements of corporate identity - logo and version, colors, fonts, and business documents - described in brief tutorial on the use of corporate identity.



What was before us?

The previous logo "Valko" was not only outdated in terms of graphic design, but also not passed the core values ​​of quality, reliability and durability.



«Valko» sells plastic windows company Deceuninck / Inoutic, inner sill brands: Werzalit, Crystalit, Holzdorf, OpenTeck and outer sill (aluminum, steel & ndash; different colors in the same number & laquo; gold oak & raquo ;, and plastic), armored entrance door, corrugated and mosquito nets.


  Presentation for the customer

  Guidance on the use of corporate identity

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