Task Using this website allows you to introduce potential customers with the capabilities and scope of work of the plant.


Адаптивний дизайн (Responsive design) сайту ЧЗМК


Main page demonstrates the scale of objects using banners on all the screen width. The three main areas of the plant neatly presented in blocks with clearly visible headers and specially designed studio icons.


The main activities of the plant devoted to the section, where texts and illustrations you verstani-in magazine style for easy perception and better placement of accents.

Дизайн сторінки веб сайту про монтаж металоконструкцій

Especially for the site in the studio were painted drawings CHZMK products that fit harmoniously into the overall design and magazine layout.

Дизайн сторінки веб сайту Решітчатий настил.

Interesting thematic publications on metal and reshitkovyy desk in a separate section. A very prominent unit located in the "Best Articles". 

Дизайн сторінки публікацій (статей) для сайту ЧЗМК.

In developing the site have not been forgotten and system pages, such as 404, site maps and Terms of Use.

Дизайн сторінки 404 - сторінку не знайдено (Error page 404).



VAT & laquo; Chervonogradsky fabricated metals& raquo; not only specializes in the manufacture of building materials, but also professional and quick installation of metal structures for various purposes. Part of the team of our company is a team of professional installers who have extensive experience, so in the short term may make installation of metal structures of any complexity.

We will be glad to see your work in this list. welcome on cup of coffee and talk about future projects

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