Task To develop a user-friendly web-service food service delivery from different institutions network.

Web Service

This web service is as good as on desktop systems and on tablets and mobile devices through adaptive design

When planning service architecture we developed the site and come up with ways of functionality and user (user flows) so that the order will have a quick, but the best deals or business lunches user recognize immediately when it enters the main page.

Main page includes a hot offers, lunches, schema and reviews regular users.

Main page of food service delivery


How does it look on mobile devices.


Page directory menu includes a full copy of the menus institution with the relevant sections and subsections. The main color of the menu immediately allows us to know in which section / institution we are. Also convenient functionality we believe reflect the number of positions in vipovidnomu section of the menu.

To order a unit menu should move the mouse on one and a button pops book & mdash; when clicked, the position automatically goes to the basket.

Page catalog of food service delivery



Dynamic Basket sort order food establishments, allows you to quickly adjust the number of units or throw things are not necessary.

Order procedure consists of three steps: List the order confirmation and where to deliver your information to avoid errors.

Dynamic simple basket and prevent erroneous orders


A unique and stylized adminpanel

Enjoy your meal! :)



Club food delivery "Izhaky" - a project service delivery for various food establishments for all tastes and fancies. Service delivers Italian food (pizza, pasta, sauces smachnyuschi), European and Ukrainian cuisine (first and second courses, steaks, dumplings) and Japanese food (sushi, soups, rolls).


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Corporate identity

Web service

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