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Calendar and Christmas cards Design

Calendar and Christmas cards Design

Pre-New Year period - the time not only to sum up the past year, and plans for the future. So do not be amiss to take care of how to congratulate our colleagues and partners and provide them with the following year quality printing. To do this, you should order a professional design calendar and unexpected design Christmas cards.

Calendar is one of the most popular and practical products of the printing industry, which also serves as a beautiful gift and a useful tool for planning each day.

However, there is one important caveat: you need to give time to the calendar before the new year. Otherwise, the space on the table of your partner may already be occupied by competitors. Since quality is a matter of design calendar troublesome should make a reservation in advance.

Calendar Design for office

In order for an entire year not to miss any memorable date, should take care of the design calendar. Moreover, giving high quality, bright and unusual calendar of its clients, friends and partners, be sure they will remember you every day.

Calendars are different - wall, table, pocket. Design of the calendar vary depending on the size, features and customer requirements. A corporate calendar, except for information only, and even perform an additional function - they are carriers of the brand. That is a souvenir that emphasizes the business style of the company. Consequently, the design of the calendar should take care especially.

Since the calendar is also the deluxe edition, design calendar should be of high quality. Good and appropriate images - photos and drawing, readable - from a distance (for wall calendar) and clear - with a small (for pocket calendars) are important components of testifying to the successful design of the calendar.

Design of the calendar has to be practical and simple. In this part of the calendars of the calendar grid, usually performed in the classical style, but the cap for the quarterly calendar can be unusual. These calendars can be assembled on one or three springs.

The design of the calendar in the format & quot; house & quot; convenient for those who work a lot at the table. After all, such a calendar is always before his eyes. It may also be reversible, because in that case you get bored of the year.

Therefore, first of all, creating a calendar design, you should decide on his idea, a concept and a color solution. If you want your gift is not paid attention to it and different from dozens of other performing calendar design, use and functionality of the chips. For example, the combination of it with a clock or a box for paper clips or other office supplies. Also, performing design calendar, you can use instead of the usual photos of photos of their employees or office.

Design of New Year and corporate cards

For the formation of corporate culture are important two components: the daily work processes and the quality of the organization of various events. It is important for the design of the latest corporate cards.

Corporate cards have now become both a wonderful gift and a powerful marketing tool. Successful design Christmas cards - this is another way to remind your company to customers and partners, to receive a holiday review and make a positive impression on your clients. The basis for the order to develop a successful design Christmas cards have an original idea. In addition, if the card is made in accordance with the corporate style, she is also a perfect advertising material.

To create a design of Christmas cards or corporate cards enough to provide us with:

• vector format of your logo; & bull; contact, and other information about the company; & bull; brand book (rules of corporate identity);

If you do not have any of these items, our design studio for you to develop a new logo and corporate identity

Christmas Card Design - a creative process - a compilation of ideas, textures, colors, graphics technology and other items. As a result, the customer receives a couple of options to select the thumbnails of postcards printed edition or corporate Christmas cards.

Also, our design studio is developing a nominal corporate cards on the occasion of birthdays, anniversaries companies and other celebratory events.

The package of services includes design Christmas cards included: & bull; design Christmas cards or corporate cards & bull; korportaivnogo development envelope & bull; Development of invitations to corporate events

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