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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Today, each company or firm that is in step with the times, understands that to create a good website or print high-quality printing - is not enough. At a time when most people have at hand your laptop microcosm of the smartphone, the only solution for those who want to be among the leaders - to create high-quality and convenient mobile

Mobile Application Development - a complex and multi-step process, so starting it, you should identify the needs of their users and customers function, the application must perform as well as to determine the type and its mobile platform.

Mobile Application Development consists of a complete cycle, which includes six major stages. None of them can not be deprived of attention and neglect, as the development of mobile applications - cost a thing, so before you invest in it time and money, you should clearly define exactly what you need and your customers. And the first thing to do for the development of mobile applications - is to select the type of application and the operating system for its implementation.

What are mobile applications

Before you start the development of mobile applications, you should clearly define exactly what you need. From what functions should perform your mobile application development depends on its duration, level of difficulty, and, of course, price. In general, define four basic types of mobile applications:

- Corporate . Their goal - to simplify the company, fast data transfer between employees or to obtain corporate information. The target audience of mobile applications is primarily employees of your company, as well as actual and potential customers and partners. Development of mobile applications of this type is easier for them to use colors and design elements of the corporate identity of the company.

- both content . It - mobile applications whose main purpose - to provide all sorts of information. Text or video or audio format. Basically, this mobile application development is carried out for the media, radio, television, or portals.

- Service . Their goal is the name implies - to provide certain Services, you have to perform tasks in real time, which puts the user. Development of mobile applications of this type - complex, because they must work like clockwork: from the calculator or alarm, and ending with the program to work with large amounts of text or graphics.

- play. The main objective of these mobile applications - to entertain, but it does not mean that it is - the only one. Therefore, the development of mobile applications of this type is complicated by the need to successfully place the context or direct advertising.

In order to develop mobile applications are not turned into wasted time, should take care of choosing an operating system.

The choice of the operating system: Android, iOs, Windows Phone, Symbian, bada

In order to develop mobile applications launched correctly, should be to choose the operating system of the future application. Therefore, we must first examine your target audience to determine what platforms it uses active. You can use the data that provides Google Analytics, which is connected to your Web site, and shows with which pristoroiv and browsers your customers frequently come to your site.

If you did not connect Google Analytics, you can use the well-known statistics. For example, IOS - the operating system for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. App Store offers more than half a million mobile applications. The total number of downloads already exceeded the figure of 25 billion.

Android - flexible operating system for smartphones and tablets. Technique based on Android is now at the peak of sales, so the development of mobile applications deployed on Google Play, is particularly popular.

Windows Phone 7- operating system for the next generation of mobile from Microsoft. This operating system is steadily gaining market share, so the development of mobile applications of this type is gaining momentum. Now their share of the market - the third volume.

Symbian - operating system for smartphones and tablets, which develops Nokia and bada - an operating system developed by Samsung Electronics designed for a narrow range of consumers. Therefore, the development of mobile applications based on the bada uses significantly less popular.

First step. Development of a mock mobile applications

This phase should be given special attention, because it depends on the technical project outcome. Pay no attention to even minor details, rather than laying it in the architecture of the application, you may have to redo everything from scratch. Therefore, development of a detailed layout - a fundamental basis, which makes mobile applications in small masterpieces.

The second stage. Prototyping and engineering structures UI / UX

To understand how the customer will use your app, created a special map the interaction between screens. At this stage it worked out all the functionality of the application. In fact, you perform all of the functions prescribed in the terms of reference: to determine how the application will work, what buttons and functionality will be available on each screen. It is also important to think about navigation - how the user will move to one of the screens.

The third stage. Design of mobile applications

Based on the objectives of the mobile application, its audience and functionality, creates an appropriate design. At this stage the design studio is working in detail each of the screens, and every detail. To begin to design the first three pages, which is a kind of foundation for all others. On request, you can create multiple design options, considering that you can choose the one that most will like. Only after the approval of the design drawn other screens, buttons and icons.

The fourth stage. Software development.

Development of mobile applications at this stage is that connect together all the elements are drawn and approved - screens, buttons, icons, prompts. In fact, with static images we do online, mobile model. Furthermore, it connects to the server and the client part of the application so that it fully working.

Fifth stage. testing

Even at best, the program code may be minor errors, because the development of mobile applications - a lengthy process. Hence the task of the design studio at this stage to detect and eliminate them. Do not be scared, because every mobile app is unique, and therefore it is difficult to envisage designing all the nuances of his live performance. For this purpose for several days table is formed with errors. If desired, the customer can also get a test version of an application on their own experience to see how it works. After all, the end user should receive a perfect product.

The sixth stage. Placing a mobile application

In order to allow customers to find your mobile app and take advantage of them, it is placed in special shops. For example, GooglePay, AppStore or Ovi Store. Selecting the store depends on your target audience and art, which she enjoys.

According to statistics, Google Play, where applications are available under the operating system based on Android, the leader in the number of downloads. He also continues to grow in this market.

Store applications for smartphones based on iOS - a modest statistics, but mobile applications, stationed there, mostly paid.

Ovi Store - the store of mobile content for Nokia phones based on the platform S40, S60 and Simbian. It is much less popular of the two previous.

Our design studio is developing any mobile application and under different operating systems.