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Print advertising and POS materials

Print advertising and POS materials

Print advertising is one of the popular distribution channels of advertising, for better visual perception affects the audience. In the age of multimedia and the Internet, many people underestimate the importance of print advertising. And it is making a huge mistake! Thus, approaches, methods and ideas have changed, but today print advertising and, of course, POS materials relevant as ever. Of course, this is a qualitative design of advertising! What differentiates a good product from a bad one? First, print advertising has to be easily recognizable, and secondly, unique and, finally, it should be based on the idea that can take root in the minds of thousands of people, and may even become viral.

Our design studio develops advertising design from A to Z for all possible media, from printed products, and billboards, to the signs and banners, as well as a variety of POS materials. Proper and as a consequence, the successful design of advertising, usually converted to customers.

Print advertising and print design

Print advertising is still one of the most popular advertising channels. It affects a better visualization of the target audience. Our design studio is developing advertising in various areas of its distribution, as follows:

  • Media - advertising layouts for publications (magazines, newspapers, business directories);
  •  Printing - all products for flyers, leaflets, posters, banners, business cards, brochures, catalogs;
  • External print ads - for visual advertising media (outdoor advertising, advertising on buildings, transport advertising);
  • Internal print advertising - advertising banners in the mall, stores, HoReCa, train stations, cinemas, stadiums, houses and other.

An important role to attract attention playing illustration. Advertising illustration enhances perception, carries a positive emotional charge, and increases the level of attracting the attention of 30%. If the illustration of more than half of the advertising area, the attention increased to 80%.

There are several important points. Firstly, developing advertising design, do not use abstract paintings. Also, do not always be appropriate to draw attention by a savory figures, between illustration and goods should be clear and obvious connection. In developing the design of advertising, you can use not only photos, but also drawing, made in different techniques - from graphics to children. Extremely important is the relationship between colors. Color adds bulk and textured objects, as well as affect the overall emotional state, his mood and feelings. For print ads matching colors are black and yellow, red and green on white. But familiar to us in black and white palette takes on the list of the best combinations for sensing only the sixth place.

Design printed advertising in the media

Print advertising in the media - is, above all, models of traditional ad units in designated areas, advertising layouts for the cover of newspapers and magazines, layouts for special color or black and white inserts in the print media.

Print advertising is developed based on visual perception. After the client receives no advertisements in the complex, but only in strict order: first - eyes fixed overall image, secondly - read a slogan or title, and only the third - the rest of the text. For the client came to the third paragraph, should be fully get his attention and make the advertised product recognizable among others like him.

Consequently, there are a number of principles of perception, which must comply with print advertising. First of all, developing print advertising design studio is to provide tastes of customers, which is oriented products. The very same print advertising should be attractive, bright, evoke positive feelings and emotions of a person who looks at it.

Design of advertising printing

Advertising Design Printing Company mainly developed on the basis of its corporate identity with all its elements. Although there are times when a good enough picture or successful slogans on a uniform field to attract the attention of a potential customer. Our design studio develops all kinds of printing products, namely:

  • Flyer A4, A5, A6
  • business cards
  • Brochures and booklets
  • billboards and posters
  • pocket calendars, desk calendars, posters, calendars
  • plastic cards

Outdoor advertising

In addition, our design studio is developing advertising models of any complexity for outdoor advertising. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that such a print advertising more often gets in the field of direct and peripheral vision, and then at times better deposited in the memory. They are:

  • outdoor print advertising: billboards, Prizmatrony, supersites, billboards, city-lights, light boxes, beklaytov, trolls and banners, flags, Pillar, pillars and other advertising structures, which are used for the visual perception of advertising.
  • print advertising on buildings: firewalls and other wall advertising structures.
  • print advertising and transport: electric transport (trams, trolley buses), taxis, buses, advertising on cars and taxis.

The design of the inner print advertising

Internal print advertising is no less effective, because it usually is in the relevant thematic areas where often your target audience. Our design studio is developing all kinds of layouts for indoor advertising in buildings. We are talking about the design of advertisements for shopping centers, shops, HoReCa, train stations, cinemas, stadiums, and it - houses, clinics, office buildings, and more. They are:

  • advertising banners
  • promotional wall charts
  • advertising polygraphy at the stands
  • advertising signs

Design of promotional POS materials

POS materials - it is advertising placed directly in the field of sales. This is evidenced by decoding the term POS materials - point of sales - a place of sale. Such advertisements are called challenging, because it, unlike other forms of advertising, has a direct impact on the potential customer, because placed either on the product itself (POS materials such as tags, labels, wobblers, logos, prints), or close to it (shelf talkers, posters, etc.).

Designed for POS advertising materials is extremely important. Because of the close proximity to the customer, successful POS materials increase the likelihood of purchase and increase customer loyalty to the brand. Therefore, the main task, which is assigned to the POS materials - draw attention to the product and inform the customer about the main properties. Given the competitive environment, it is important to identify your product is & quot; is now & quot ;, and this should be indicated on its main advantage. Therefore, the fonts and colors that make up the POS materials should be bright, but readable, the logo - a recognizable slogan - concise, more information - useful. In order to properly arrange all this in a small-sized advertising and POS materials marked compact should certainly consult with professionals. Our design studio is developing a design for all POS advertising materials: wobblers, shelf talkers, price lists, calendars, stoppers, posters, tags, key chains, as well as a wide variety of other souvenir items with the logo and other elements of corporate identity.