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Web Design and Website Development

Web Design and Website Development

Creating a site - is a complex and multi-step process, but the result will surprise you: the level of popularity of your company and the number of sales increase in times.

In the near future, all companies will be divided into two categories: those that are present on the Internet and those who will be forced to leave the market, unable to withstand competition. And today successfully designed website is one of the most effective marketing tools.

Our web studio turned into an easy and enjoyable process. We create sites of varying complexity turnkey, with a unique design, tailored for different computers, mobile devices and tablets.

Steps for creating a website

The process of creating the site includes more than 10 stages. However, if you want to get as a result of really high-quality and effective website can not neglect any of them.

1. The marketing goal of the web site

First of all, we should define the purpose of the creation of the site and its target audience. Simply put, it is necessary to answer the simple question: what and to whom we sell? Therefore, to understand what goals we want to achieve, holding the creation of the site - to bring a new product or service to market, increase the demand on the already well-known products, to enter a new market, and others. And also to find out to whom should be oriented web design and content - to customers, business partners and potential investors. All of this affects not only the type of the future site, but also on the methods of promotion and SEO (selection of keywords, landing pages, links, output tops the search engines and increase the citation index).

2. Select the type of Web site

Depending on the above characteristics, determined by the complexity and duration of the creation of the site. For example, informing customers will approach a relatively simple business card site or a website directory. To increase sales need an online store or corporate website and for advertising campaigns - promo site.

3. Marketing Web Audit keywords and domain name registration.

At this stage of creating the site should be chosen and targeted key web pages for further progress. This is extremely important, because your goal is not just creating a site and its output to the first position among its competitors, so choose wisely mandatory keywords that after creating the site should be used when text content pages.

In addition, at this stage also need to choose a domain name, which usually serves the company's name, domain zone, depends on your market sale and register the domain.

4. Development of site structure and writing of technical tasks.

It is now web studio starts to develop the main menu, program modules, plugins. Special attention at this stage should be given to creating the site navigation - move on your page should be easy and convenient. The interface should be intuitive. But it is also important to study all program features.

And at this stage to create a so-called brief site or TC - TOR. The terms of reference for the creation of the site - the basic document, which is between the client and Web Design. It includes program objectives, approval of the deadline and the price per hour, as well as the calculation of the total price of creating the site.

After agreeing on the structure of the web site with the customer Web Design Studio begins to create his graphic part of all elements.

5. Web design

Web design is - one of the most difficult stages of creating a website. In order to perform its quality should be mentioned for which you set the site: or tells your web design that sells your company, whether it is corporate style, distinguished it from competitors' sites, and so on.

During this phase of the site not only thought out and implemented the project of web design, but also to solve, it satisfies the needs of the target audience and meets all requirements for functionality.

Therefore go directly to the development of various designs and layout elements of the site.

5.1. Unique web site design and style web design;
5.2. Usability - ease of use;

6. Site Nesting

At this stage, the creation of your website design, which is to exist as a picture translated into code. Our web studio is imposed website using the latest technologies - HTML5 and CSS3.

7. Programming modules, plug-ins and adaptive design

On the basis of the technical task of creating the site and approved the design concept developed optimal structure of the databases created templates of all sections of the site and, on request, developed and set up interactive services.

7.1. Programming is carried out on the site of modern programming languages such as ruby on rails, java script, php.
In addition, on request when creating a site programmed additional modules, such as, contact forms, order forms, payment module, the module photo galleries, catalog and so on.

7.2. Adaptive design
It is the ability to adapt your site design depending on which device you open it. Smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC - your website everywhere look beautiful all work and services performed all its functions.

8. Setting the admin panel

At this stage of creating the site, we do all that in the future you could easily use your page, updating it, adding new articles, photos, videos, infographics. Sites that creates our web studio is fully dynamic, adapt to a variety of mobile applications and tablets. Content Management System (cms) was developed on the modern programming language ruby on rails.

9. Filling content

This is one of the most important stages of creating a website, as a potential customer or partner, hitting your site wants to learn more about you and your product. Therefore, when creating the site should do everything that he gets the information he needs, and thanks to a competent sales letter also wanted to buy it from you. On this affects a lot of elements - informative content, good structured materials, text competence, literacy and usefulness.

Nor should we forget the illustrative photos and videos. They improve the perception of information dozens of times, and create a nice visual effect, cause positive emotions.

Despite the creation of the website, our studio also provides services for content management - a regular update of writing and writing texts, uploading them to the site, processing and uploading photos and videos.

10. Optimizing your site for search and social networking.

You can create a beautiful website, but no one will see, if we ignore this step. SEO - is a science that allows you to view your site in the search engine tops. And then, if the customer asks, for example, in Google - where to find a specific product or service to get the search engine will give a definite answer - you are the best in this area by giving links to your site first.

Therefore, when creating the site should pay attention to properly chosen meta tags, well-written headlines, text quality, good photos and videos properly inserted internal links, proper placement of buttons and other social networks.

11. Testing

When a site is created, it is required vidtestity to avoid various bugs, errors that were made at different stages of the site - while programming or DTP. Here are some very important points to consider when creating a website: all browsers the site works equally well; or all of the software components are functioning smoothly and precisely; and all the necessary materials are available and so on.

12. Placing on the hosting and domain

Despite the prevailing opinion that the posting site, work on creation of a site is finished - it is not. Our web design studio not only host sites on hosting (d .. Kiev), but also provides them technical support. If you want your website is an effective marketing tool, it should be constantly updated, to improve, to respond to the wishes and advice of users respond to changes in the competition, and more.