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The design of brochures and catalogs

The design of brochures and catalogs

Booklets and catalogs it is popular form of print advertising exhibitions, direct mail, corporate presentations, opening branches.

Brochures and catalogs - essential marketing tools in today's world. It is from these non-periodical publications potential buyer knows more about your product or service and, given the design of the booklet and catalog design, as well as their content makes the choice in your favor or not.

To the choice was the same in your favor is to take care of high-quality printing and design of the booklet. Boring black and white pieces of paper, pocketed the text are in the past century, but today, that your advertising brochure or a catalog was a breakthrough should use the services of professional designers and creatives. After all, the originality of the submission of your material is the key to success.

Stages of development of the advertising booklet

Brochure - it is a non-periodic puff edition, which is printed on both sides of the paper and folded in two or more folds. Booklet - one of the most popular advertising media today. They are used for exhibitions, presentations, spread out in offices and showrooms, direct mail, and even posted on the website.

Design of booklet - a complex and multi-step process, then care should be taken that all steps have been performed efficiently and competently, then the result will not be long in coming.

The main objective of the booklet to inform about the products or services of the company. Therefore, in considering the design of the booklet, is to focus on the fact that he was a bright and attractive. Design of booklet includes information content, visuals and contact information.

Our design studio is developing a promotional booklet and prepare it for printing vector graphics editor Adobe Illustrator

Consequently, the main stages of development of the advertising booklet:

1.Preparation of graphic elements (logo, corporate identity, photos)

Since the design of the booklet should work with graphic images, because good visual range is the key to success. Required elements of corporate identity, which includes design of the booklet can be used in the most unusual combinations, which can then become the basis for a successful advertising campaign.

Design of booklet should cause the consumer only positive emotions. At the same time should not go beyond the & quot; reasonable sufficiency & quot; - Do not try to squeeze in a booklet more than necessary, because the leaflet - it is only a bright lure.

2. Writing the text portion (advertising slogan, product description, contact information).

No less important step, which includes the design of the booklet is the text content. The main features of a good text is laconic and completeness. Read your booklet has found 90% of the needed information, while 10% must remain secret. This will make the potential buyer to call or come to you. In addition, an important role for the promotion of a product has a unique slogan, easy to remember, it is associated with the brand and distinguish your booklet from the competition.

3.Design of booklet.

Direct booklet design - a successful combination of all that we have developed in the first and second stages. At this stage, the design studio is developing a general view of the pages, thinks the number of columns with the text, font type and size, the ratio of text blocks and images, margins, and so on. The text should be readable, illustrations - legible format can be original, but it is clear and intuitive for your customers. And of course, all important components of originality.

4. Editing booklet

We have already mentioned that your brochure should call the customer only positive emotions. A small error or odrukivka, even if the design of the booklet is made brilliantly, can spoil the impression of your company. Moreover, illiteracy is at the customer a sense of confidence, saying that they can do, even if a few sentences correctly write not. Therefore, developing the design of the booklet, this stage should be given special attention.

5. Preparing for the print edition.

At this stage, design studio prepares all the source files for printing, check the correct format, correct display typeset materials. After the booklet is printed in large numbers, so everything must be perfect.


Stages of development 

Bright, informative, relevant and high-quality advertising product catalog is extremely important to your business. Why is that? Design Directory - is the individual style, for which, as experienced graphologists, your customers and business partners to easily determine the status and reputation of your company. Consequently successful advertising directory must inform and attract the audience's attention, to encourage the purchase of goods or services and, at the same time, not be distracted by unnecessary details.

Catalog design is always carried out in accordance with the corporate style that allows for stable associations between you and the product. According to professional marketers, a good design catalog is sure to affect the increase in the number of your sales.

Our design studio is developing catalogs in two formats: Adobe Reader (file.pdf) be distributed in electronic format and Adobe InDesign (file.indd) - print circulation and advertising during the promotional campaign.

Catalog design includes ten major stages:

1. Development of the concept and structure of the pages.

Successful design directory starts with good ideas. In the catalog it is important to a combination of creativity and information component. After all, your main task - to convey a variety of information about your products and services to emphasize their unique qualities and, of course, do not forget about the price. According to statistics, it is the absence of a price makes 20% of potential customers to postpone your catalog aside. How does all this translate on multiple sheets, what should be the structure of the presentation, the logical sequence? Our design studio will offer you several options to solve your problem at this stage.

2. Preparation of corporate graphic elements.

Advertising catalogs, as well as a booklet, to be carried out in accordance with the corporate style of your company. This is dictated by the requirement of associativity. Performing design directory should not forget that the logo should be placed in a visually right place - it has to be marked, and must comply with the corporate coloring.

3. Preparation of text content

The text for the catalog should also be special. You can not simply & quot; pouring water & quot ;, it is important to collect the maximum amount of information to analyze and place the right accents. The text should as much as possible and interesting to describe the characteristics of your product as well as its focus on the positive and unique qualities. And all this in one - a maximum of two paragraphs.

4. Preparing pictures.

Vivid pictures are extremely important. To do this, we conducted a special photoshoot production followed by photos of graphics programs. All this is done in order to glance in your catalog the customer wanted to buy your product is, in fact, according to statistics, for more than 50% of customers visual appeal of the product is one of the major components influencing the choice. Therefore design catalog obvyazkovo should include high-quality photos.

5. Catalog design

On the basis of technical specifications and ready text and visual materials developed design catalog. Composite solutions, a combination of font, size supply additional graphics such as charts or tables - everything is implemented at this stage. Well-developed design catalog helps customers quickly and easily find information, find their way among the variety of products and even to conduct a comparative analysis of the characteristics.

6. Layout Pages directory

It happens due to the transfer of all the elements of the future catalog into digital formats, page layout and cover.

7. Editing

At this stage the design catalog is not finished. Once carried out the final proofreading and adjustments are made. Design catalog - multistage process, so each of the above steps may occur certain changes. This - the last chance when you can still make some additions.

8. Preparing for Printing

To get the perfect promotional catalog, check the compliance of all formats of text files, the size of photos and graphics, page margins to in pdf-format and print all the elements of the catalog is displayed correctly.

9. Creating pdf-format catalog, electronic versions of its

Usually, directory advertising is not only printed on paper. In today's world, no less important is its placement on the company's website and social networks. In this case, in whatever way a potential customer find you, he will always be able to get nayvicherpnishy information about your products.

10. Print circulation.

The last stage, which includes cooperation with the printing press. Mostly, the directories are produced in several thousand copies, it is important that one of them was of poor print skleinih pages smeared ink. And our task is to create for you the perfect brochures and catalogs.