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Logo design and corporate identity

Logo design and corporate identity

To develop a vivid and effective corporate identity & amp; ndash; This is the first step on the road to success and development of your business. Corporate identity is a part of corporate identity. A company logo & amp; ndash; it is without exaggeration one of the most important and its main elements. After all, the logo is a client association with the brand, product or service, which he enjoys.

Logo and corporate identity used to identify exactly your company, products or services on the market. Especially logo and corporate identity are important for companies which produce products of mass consumption and have a lot in your niche competitors. Fortunately, a unique logo that is easy to remember and is a pleasant associative array, will help the client to choose your product among several others. In addition, the logo and corporate identity are widely used in image advertising campaign, as well as used in the design office and souvenir production, mailing lists, visual advertising, and many other areas.

Elements of corporate identity

Corporate Identity & nbsp; or whatever it is called corporate identity & amp; ndash; This verbal and visual image in the eyes of customers and employees. In order to ensure the unity of the perception of the goods, services or information received from the company to the consumer using a few dozen members. They are, depending on the intensity and successful combination, can give a very strong effect. Corporate identity includes a logo, fonts, background, palette, slogan and more.

Logo & nbsp; & ndash; is a visual sign that causes the first association with the product and typically embodies company values. It is well-formed visual image helps as accurately as possible to convey the idea of the brand. For this design studio is spending more time and effort is to ensure that customer's logo was unique.

Corporate fonts & nbsp; & ndash; it is absolutely individual typography, which is used by developing the logo and other elements of corporate identity. First, text & amp; ndash; from letters and documents and large-scale advertising materials.

Corporate colors & nbsp; & ndash; it is a palette that is a necessary component in the formation of all the elements that includes corporate identity. It's no secret that each color is filled with a certain content, so they are a good combination creates the necessary emotional background and promotes a holistic perception of the image. Corporate background or backing Ground & amp; ndash; it's part of a corporate style of architecture used for all branded products.

Slogan & nbsp; & ndash; is one of the major elements constituting the corporate identity. A short, easy to remember the bright slogan will be a real boon. It is important at the same time concise and capacity, because it is a slogan embodies the basic idea of the company.

Brand book & nbsp; & ndash; it is a kind of statement, which describes the rules for the construction and use of a corporate style. This & amp; ldquo; book & amp; rdquo ;, explained where all the ideas, mission, values and attributes that embodies the logo and corporate identity in general.

Corporate identity and its elements are then used in virtually all aspects of the company. In particular, corporate identity and logo used in the design & amp; ndash; cards (media contact information of the person or company), forms (the prepared document templates), folders for documents and envelopes, as well as paper-based & amp; ndash; desk calendars, notebooks and electronic & amp; ndash; flash drives, disks.

Keep in mind that the logo is a text & amp; ndash; label brand name branded print graphic & amp; ndash; in the form of the original sign or logo or a combination. Each of them has its advantages and opportunities so before design studio undertakes direct development, should be clearly defined direction and analyze the positioning of the brand, logo and corporate identity of the competitors, as well as the latest market trends.

A properly designed logo corresponds to the concepts and ideas of the brand, so the design studio has set itself a number of tasks: the logo should be unique, easy to remember, to be recognizable, simple, timeless and universal. Therefore, the development of the logo is a multistep process.

Steps for creating the logo and corporate identity development

Therefore, to create a quality logo design and corporate identity, you need to take a few important steps. First of all, the idea and the concept, design studio that develops on the basis of the customer's wishes. After developing a practical solution & amp; ndash; first elected coloring, then the fonts and the background. Of all of these components and mock sketch of the logo.

1. Search for ideas, concepts and the logo and name of the semantic content.

This is the most difficult and also the most important phase of the work, because the semantic content of the logo & amp; ndash; This is the first pay attention to what your customers and partners. It is not only good to name the company, but also to figure out how the name will be embodied in the logo does not cause negative associations with the product is quite readable and understandable at a glance.

2. Selection of graphic design style logo.

The visual image passes 90% of the information about the company. That is why the design studio carefully selects a graphic style that is unique and transmit the concept of the company, as well as to cause positive associations. In graphic design, numerous styles, from classic & amp; ndash; to vintage, from modern & amp; ndash; to pop art.

3. Font selection and development of the layout of the logo.

Logo font & amp; ndash; is an important step, because to him, there are many special requirements. It should be read and be visually from a distance and close up, must be original and pleasing to the eye.

4. Search for a company slogan.

Slogan & amp; ndash; is an important component of corporate identity, particularly important for promotional campaigns. The slogan should be clear, concise, succinct, to associate with your products or services, call the positive thoughts, easy to remember & amp; rsquo; yatovuvatis and, most importantly, stand out from others.

5. Match colors of the logo, color scheme.

It is important to not only choose the color for the logo, and to consider how it will be combined with the back-Ground, and the fonts will not be too aggressive or pale, do not strain your eyes, on the contrary, to create exactly the mood you want.

6. Create the background.

A successful combination of the above elements of the logo and corporate colors establishes corporate background for use on visual promotional materials.

7.The development of brand-book.

Corporate identity, like any complex and sophisticated thing implies the ability to properly apply it. That's what creates a brand book, which describes the details and peculiarities of the brand, the company's mission, its target audience, as well as passport standards & amp; ndash; description, visual solutions and the right combination of all the elements of corporate identity.

8. Create printing, advertising and souvenir production based on the corporate identity of the company.

Once selected and agreed version of corporate identity design studio is developing on its basis souvenirs and other products for the advertising and PR-campaigns.


Once the client approves the final version of the logo, the design studio is developing other elements. It should be determined in advance which elements you need and what you plan to use your corporate identity. Normally, the design studio is developing a standard set of elements (business cards, letterheads, folders, price lists, envelopes, cards, style in proceedings, corporate greeting cards and invitations, as well as all kinds of calendars and brand-book).


The use of corporate identity in the promotional products


Where else can use corporate identity and logo?

Corporate identity in proceedings (corporate symbols).


• business cards

• blanks

• folders

• envelopes

• greeting Cards

• calendar (pocket, table, wall)

• Prices & bull; corporate invitations

• plastic cards

Most corporate identity is used in office work to maintain the image of the company, on its proxy authentication and exposure to potential customers. Most contacts & amp; laquo; Client-based company & amp; raquo; created for business cards, price lists, greeting cards, and so on. d.


Corporate identity in printed advertising materials

• advertising catalogs, booklets

• posters

• flyers, postcards

• Indoor and outdoor advertising

• promotions, distribution of flyers, booklets

• Advertising in print media (newspapers, magazines, business directories, thematic publications)

• branded advertising vehicles

First of all, a visual promotional products. In particular, the logo is found in different directories companies, flyers and brochures, on billboards and posters. The effectiveness of advertising in the press, the Internet and television, as well as branding vehicles.


Corporate style souvenirs

• notepads

• pens, pencils

• drives, flash drives

• flags (for the opening of a branch, celebrations)

• balloons (for the opening of a branch, celebrations)

• corporate clothes, uniform, workwear

• Promotional T-shirts, ordinary T-shirts

• caps

• cup of tea, cups cars

• bags, packaging

• souvenir magnets

Often, corporate identity and logo used in souvenir production. Usually this stationery & amp; ndash; pens, pencils, notebooks, and electronic storage media & amp; ndash; CDs and flash drives. Lately, especially popular branded clothing, where the logo is applied to the cap, T-shirt, thin, svitshoty or form or workwear workers. As well as a variety of pleasant things that embody the corporate style, & amp; ndash; cups, flags, balloons, bags or souvenir magnets.


Corporate identity in the interior (a fashion design):

• office (color, logo, sign, and other interior accessories)

• store / bank (color, logo, sign, staff, corporate clothing)

• themed cafes, restaurants

• Company dealers and others.

In addition, corporate identity is often used for interior decoration premises. This is an office, a store or a bank themed cafes and restaurants. In addition, the company develops color, interior accessories, signs, logo, brand clothes for the staff.


Corporate identity in the digital marketing & amp; nbsp; (a visual image of the logo and branding)

• Internet advertising (website, promotional website, media and banner advertising, direct mail, etc.).

• Advertising on mobile phones (mobile applications, banner and display advertising, bluetooth advertising)

• Video advertising (logo is used, color, background, font)

Also, corporate identity sufficiently effective digital marketing. We are talking about advertising on the Internet for which create their own company website or a promotional website, banners, advertising in smartphones & amp; ndash; application development, banners, media advertising and bluetooth advertising, as well as attributes for video ads: logo design, color, background and font.


A successful combination of corporate identity and all its aspects will highlight your company from the competition and create a positive image for the company. Our design studio has extensive experience in this area, so the development of a logo and other attributes of corporate identity for the various activities will be for you a pleasant and easy process.