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Development of packaging and labels

Development of packaging and labels

Packaging and Label - this is where the client begins familiarity with your product. In most people, at first sight is formed a desire to buy a product or, on the contrary, has never come back to it. Packaging should allocate your product on the background of dozens of other interested buyers, cause positive emotions, and easy to remember. If all of these functions are performed, then packaging and labels are designed correctly, and therefore, it will boost the sales of your product.

Packaging - it is a tool of branding and brand, it is an inherent part of consumer goods: food, cosmetics, medicines, household goods, toys, appliances, etc.. Attractive packaging, bright label, unique design, informative, successfully placed accents - that the success of your product.

Packaging consists of a container - a box, bag, bottle, label, and packaging elements like lids or corks, packing tape, stickers, stretch film, gift tape. The development package includes the layout of the container (her handicap), and label design for the product line.

The main functions performed by packaging:

- storage and transportation of the goods - the packaging must be durable, functional, pleasant to the touch, as well as technologically correct not to affect the product which it holds.

- attract the attention of buyers - the so-called advertising and incentive function. If packing of your product is designed correctly, bright, unique, the buyer will choose it among dozens of others.

- display of & nbsp; the quality of the goods - informative function. The potential buyer has to get all the important and interesting information for him, what does the development of a successful package and label. - Reflects the impact on the target audience, that is, to carry out its marketing function, and promote sales.

- stand out among the competition - is the image-branded or function that performs packaging. When you first look at the product the buyer must identify it precisely with your firm - this helps to elaborate and successfully implemented an advertising campaign and a marked label.

- environmental safety - packing your product needs to be environmentally friendly, does not affect the quality of the product which it is stored and recyclable.

The packaging is made of various materials - natural or artificial. It all depends on the composition, functions and duration of storage and other qualities of the goods.

Stages of development of packaging

The development package - it is a complicated and complex process that involves a number of stages. At the same time the development of the package - one of the most effective tools to promote products or services, so it's worth the effort. It is important to take into account trends in the market, for example, when using a thematic package, as well as to take into account a number of factors: optimal palette, corporate identity, vivid label design, taste and other buyers.

The development package includes the following steps:

1. Definition of the concept and creation of the image of the product. He is studying a niche market and focus groups, to take into account the wishes of potential buyers to explore their emotional perception (here the important role played by the label) to explore the products of competitors on this market, and then analyze the data and formulate a number of hypotheses.

2. Setting priorities, opportunities to visualize and study painting. At this stage, design studio examines the available spectrum of design on the market, studying the features of your product and determines all the necessary elements that will ensure the right mood, emotions and thoughts of potential buyers.

3. The choice of material and shape, includes future packaging in general and particular label. At this stage analyzes the entire spectrum of colors, studied their conscious and subconscious influence, the combination to achieve the desired results, as well as the original and select the optimum shape and material of the future of packaging.

4. Layout. The actual performance of the designer tasks, including the development of packaging and label design.

5. Evaluation and selection of the optimal variant. There is carried out as an individual evaluation of designers and design studios, and in the context of potential competitors or customers.

Therefore, package is:

- metal. For example, cans, metal boxes, are well suited for cookies or candies. This package is typical for hygiene products and beverages. Also well suited for metal materials. For example, paints and varnishes.

- wood. This crates for fruits and vegetables, or containers or jars, for example, honey.

- plastic wrap. Best suited for a variety of drinks or hygiene products (shampoo, gels, conditioners) or containers for cooking.

- glass. It bottles of alcoholic or carbonated drinks or perfumes. - Paper and cardboard packaging. This variety of paper bags and cardboard boxes used for bulk products, confectionery products, as well as a wide range of industrial products, toys, cosmetics and others.

- packaging polymer. It packs, bottles, containers and boxes, which are also suitable for the majority of aforementioned products. Depending on their quality.

- textile packaging. This variety of bags products, packaging fabric for clothing, decorative bags for industrial products and so on.

Design of labels

Label - is the main component of the appearance of the product. In order to make the product looks attractive to buyers should take into account a number of factors, which include label - colors, images, tastes of buyers, corporate identity, competing solutions, and more.

Design of labels includes the following elements:

- refinement of the logo and its adaptation to the selected shape and material of which the packaging and labels.

- color branding - it can be combined or contrast, include corporate colors or unusual combinations for the label was unique.

- corporate font - development of exclusive fonts that it will allocate your products.

- Product photo shoot from all angles, which is important labels and packaging.

- Information about the product - layout information part that includes the label, so that it is readable useful, but not supersaturated information.

- marking the manufacturer in accordance with Ukrainian legislation & quot; Consumer Protection & quot ;. Such labeling includes the label or packaging must contain data on the composition of the product, date of manufacture, expiry dates and conditions of storage, the obligations under the guarantee, the location of the manufacturer and so on.

Following the approval of the label layout, design studio develops designs packaging to label line of products.