Mayola sunflower oil
Art director, lead designer: Nick Voronin
Designer: Anastasia Tataryna
Illustrator: Larisa Antoshchenko
Sunflower Oil TM "Mayola" has received nationwide recognition and mark as "High Grade". In the manufacture of sunflower oil using raw Ukrainian producers witch completed careful laboratory control.
We redraw letters and adjust letter space according to professional standards and a new style labels.  All that improved the readability of the inscription. Unique decors are drops in the letter "o" and "a".
A range of oils TM "Mayola" includes refined and unrefined oil spills in bottles 1L, 2L and 5L.
We started development  with 1 liter of refined labels considering colors and bottles of competitors in the same
Bottles of oil were taken with a specialized professional equipment. Then retouched and were prepared for use in advertising layouts.
Important to note that the backgrounds for bottles may be different. Therefore, all models have transparency in the appropriate places for realistic placement in layouts. Look closely at the advertising poster.
Advertising campaign 
For advertising on transport
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